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Thank you for your interest in artistic hire at Southbank Centre.
Please note that because of the closure of the Queen Elizabeth Hall and Purcell Room for refurbishment, availability in our venues can be extremely limited.

These venues will be closed September 2015 until Spring 2018. In order to consider any request to hire one of our halls, we require the following information to be supplied to us.

A member of the team will get back to you within 3-5 working days.
Promoter Information

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Promoter Experience

Please provide details on who the Promoter is and their experience of live event promotion, especially in other major London venues.
We must ensure that anyone hiring one of our halls has sufficient experience of live event promotion in the highly competitive London market. Please be advised that if we were ultimately able to offer a date to hire, it would be subject to a satisfactory credit check of the Promoter. The scale of deposit required from a promoter will vary from a minimum of 30% of the hire fee up to 100% of the hire fee depending upon the credit check result. Any unsatisfactory credit check result may preclude Southbank Centre from working with the Promoter.
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Between September 2015 and Spring 2018, only the Royal Festival Hall  will be available for artistic hire.
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Please provide a summary of your event below *

Please provide specific details of the artistic content of the event – including names for all artists participating with accompanying CVs/bios and any available audio/video samples if the artists are unknown to us. We must have named artists proposed – we cannot hold any dates for general programming ideas. For classical music concerts we also require you to submit your proposed repertoire. Any classical repertoire will be subject to clash checking.
Preferred dates / alternative dates for proposed event *

Please be aware that we also operate a cancellations list in case any availability arises nearer to the time (though we cannot guarantee any suitable availability arising as a result of cancellations.
How will the event be marketed? *

Please provide a sense as to where and how the event will be marketed – who is the target audience and how do you intend to reach them? We require evidence that the project can reasonably attract an audience commensurate to the auditorium capacity – this could be achieved either through evidence that the artist has previously attracted audiences of this size in other London venues or through evidence of the commitment to support the concert with the publicity and marketing plans which will maximise exposure and impact for the event.
Please provide specific details of any charitable or political involvement in the event (if applicable)

Please provide details of your technical/production requirements *

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By submitting this form you agree to Southbank Centre contacting you about your booking request.

Please note, due to the volume of requests we receive for Artistic Rentals at Southbank Centre we may not be able to get back to you straight away, and we aim to respond to queries within 3-5 working days. Thank you for your patience.
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